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Quilled Birthday Girl Greeting Card
Item No. 0151

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Quilled Happy Birthday Card
Item No. 0123

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Quilled Birthday Cupcakes Greeting Card
Item No. 0113

Quilled Balloon Surprise Birthday Card
Item No. 0164

NIQUEA.D Quilled Confetti Birthday Card
Item No. NQD_929829

Quilled Birthday Beer Greeting Card
Item No. 0146

Quilled Birthday Drink Greeting Card
Item No. 0150

NIQUEA.D Quilled Blue Butterfly Birthday Card
Item No. NQD_837894

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Quilled Birthday Butterfly Greeting Card
Item No. 0139

NIQUEA.D Quilled Sunflower Birthday Card
Item No. NQD_753290

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NIQUEA.D Quilled Rainbow Swirl Birthday Card
Item No. NQD_914133

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Quilled Birthday Tulips Greeting Card
Item No. 0129

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Birthday Cards

Birthdays are a special and magical kind of day. It’s our own personal day of celebration! To mark this occasion, give your loved ones a birthday card that is more than just a card. A Quilling Card is a work of art.  Each birthday card design is handcrafted by a master artisan and takes one hour to be brought to life. Pair your favorite design with a specially made shadow box frame to make a wonderful keepsake gift your loved one will treasure.


Happy Birthday Card Ideas

If you are looking for a unique card for that special day, you’ll find designs in this collection for all interests and personalities. Some of the designs include birthday cakes, cupcakes, balloons, candles, presents, floral, birds, guitars, milestones, and many more!


Birthday Cards for Everyone

Each Quilling Card in this collection is blank. This makes it simple for you to personalize the card for any recipient. You can use each birthday card as a gift for a sister or brother, a son or daughter, a mom or dad, a best friend, a coworker or boss, a grandfather or grandmother, and so on. The possibilities are endless!  If you need a little assistance getting started with what to write in a birthday card, visit here.