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Tools used for quilling

Quilling is a beautiful fine art that you can do at home with a little bit of practice. To quill, you’ll need a few tools. You can start quilling with many household items you likely already have or you can use specially made tools. 

Below, you'll find all the tools used to quill along with pictures. 

Quilling Pen

A quilling pen which has a special slotted tip that is used to quickly coil the papers around.   

Quilling pen



Tweezers which are used to shape the coils and also to maneuver papers in tight areas. 



Paper Strips

Strips of colored paper for coiling and shaping each element which will make up the overall cohesive design. 

Strips of quilling paper



Scissors or other paper cutter to cut the papers to the length and width you desire.

Paper cutter


Glue and a Paper Base

Lastly, you'll need school glue and a paper base. Standard school glue is used to adhere the paper strips to the paper base. A paper base is needed to arrange and secure your coiled design on to.


Do It Yourself!

Create a Quill DIY Kit

If you'd like to try your hand at quilling, check out our DIY kits. We offer a variety of designs for beginner and advanced quillers. Each kit includes all of the tools and supplies you'll need to quill each included design.