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Posted by Eugene Aronsky

The development of the Braille Collection has been a very special project for Quilling Card’s co-founder Huong Wolf. Huong has spent many years focusing on providing equal employment opportunities for people of all abilities.  This includes the training and employment of over a dozen deaf artisans in Quilling Card’s fair-trade workshop in Vietnam. Working closely with deaf artisans inspired Huong’s vision of connecting the deaf to the blind through the hands and sense of touch.

“We believe we are breaking new ground in this thoughtful and important development in the greeting card industry by providing a new way for members of the blind community to share sentimental and celebratory moments.” – Huong Wolf

The Braille Collection

The Braille Collection

The Braille Collection consists of 16 beautifully designed quilled braille greeting cards. Each card comes with a quilled image on the front of the card (these images are fully tactile), as well as with a sentiment, which is written and also displayed in beautiful quilled braille. These cards are designed to be suitable for every milestone of one’s life, from the braille birthday card to the braille wedding card or the Braille Get Well Soon card it is a good bet that we have the braille card for your occasion.

Collaboration with Perkins School for the Blind

The Braille Collection was created in collaboration with Perkins School for the Blind. “We developed countless versions of quilled braille and met many times for product testing before mastering an effective interpretation of this precise language. We were especially motivated and inspired by witnessing the joy that a quilled braille card can provide to a person who is blind. One of the most noteworthy comments received by a participant in our test group at Perkins School for the Blind was how she receives the same greeting cards across occasions year after year as there are not many options available to choose from. She expressed how meaningful and exciting it would be to receive one of these cards.”

Creating an interpretation of braille from quilled paper is something that has never been done before and we were fortunate to have the opportunity of collaborating with staff at Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. The innovation of this collection involved substantial research, extensive testing and meticulous designing in order to develop a successful translation of the very standardized braille system.

The Quilling Card Mission

Our mission at Quilling Card is to continue sharing the art of quilling, with the addition of the Braille Collection we can now reach a broader audience. With our artistic interpretation of braille, we hope to provide an exciting new way for the blind to celebrate occasions and special moments while also having the accessibility to experience this ancient art form.

With an ever-growing line of cards and gifts adorned with quilling— the art of rolling, coiling, and shaping small strips of paper to create a cohesive three-dimensional design—we are excited to share with you our latest and most inspirational designs yet with the Braille Collection.