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Posted by Eugene Aronsky

If your home is starting to feel a little smaller these days, I assure you… you’re not alone. And the walls are in fact not closing in on you. Luckily, at least in the Northeast, we’ve had some beautiful spring weather and getting outside has been a great distraction. With that said, let's face it, the Coronavirus sucks, it is scary and it is out of our control. And what’s worse, at the precise time when we could use a hug from a friend or a night out to distract ourselves we are being told that it is essential that we practice social distancing and stay at home, with nothing but our thoughts and Netflix… or for those that have them… young kids that are growing rowdier by the minute. It’s in times like these that we must take a step back and do things to help center ourselves. We’ve put some thought into a few ideas of things that you can do at home which will enrich your life and help keep you sane during all the chaos.Stuck at home ideas


Clean out the junk drawer

We all have one… that one  catch-all place in your home where “things” go. The place for mail that you’ll “get to later”, loose batteries, an unnecessary number of pens that don’t work (but never throw out), rogue business cards, empty keyrings, more spare keys than a valet stand that never seem to work on any lock, and a whole host of other items that you save for that once in a decade time when you just might need it. And every few months you open that drawer and say to yourself, “I should really clean this out”. Well… this is your opportunity, dump everything from that drawer on the floor and go through it, piece by piece to see what is junk and what is not, and perhaps you will discover a diamond in the rough, a birthday card from grandma, which after a few years has far more meaning.


Practice exercise and mindfulness

Remember that New Year's Resolution from a few months ago? The one where you said you would get back in the gym… Well, this is your opportunity to reignite the fire and start a good habit! Instead of paying $10-$50 a month to some third party for a gym membership that you never use and can’t seem to cancel, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home with no or minimal equipment, using Youtube or other services that are offering free content. And if you are looking to get out of the house you can always go for a walk/jog outside and get some fresh air. In addition to this, there are many intro to meditation videos online that can help you learn to meditate and improve your inner peace.


Discover a craft

There are many amazing crafts that you can do at home, by yourself, or even with your kids. The beauty of crafting is that you can either follow a template or freestyle and create one-of-a-kind pieces of art. If you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance you are familiar with quilling but never in your wildest dreams did you think you’d be able to do it yourself! If that’s you, we have beginner kits with tutorial videos available that are the perfect way to get started and can be found here: DIY Quilling Kit for Beginners. This kit comes with all the things you need to start your quilling journey, including quilling tools, and a link to our tutorial videos that walk you through the quilling process step by step. For those that recently picked up quilling, or even tried it decades ago and are looking to perfect their skills, check out our DIY Advanced Quilling Kits


Read a book

This one speaks for itself, reread an old favorite, try your hand at one of the classics or perhaps tackle one of those books on your nightstand that you’ve been planning to read “when you have time”. By now you must be out of excuses, so pick up a book and get lost in something exciting!


Reconnect with old friends

This might seem counterintuitive since we’re practicing social distancing, but this doesn’t mean we have to continue to lose touch with old friends! Whether it’s been a few weeks, months, or years, now’s the time to re engage  with those in our lives that we’ve been meaning to catch up with, but with whom we never find the time to speak anymore. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends. So, pick up the phone, skype, text, email, video chat, or even send a Card!