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Posted by Veronica Beretta

International Women's Day


Each year on March 8th, we are reminded to take some time to appreciate and reflect on the integral roles that women play in the ongoing success of Quilling Card, both at our US and Vietnam offices. This day—International Women’s Day—serves as both a celebration and a call to action. 

Women Lead the Way at Quilling Card

General Manager Meenoo Leads the Morning Meeting

Aside from being a majority woman—and minority—owned business, 75% of our United States employees are women. We have women in leadership roles in each department of our business and recognize the vital part each member of our team contributes. There was a time when women couldn’t even apply for a credit card, let alone own their own business – and it wasn’t even that long ago! As our business continues to grow, we have every intention of continuing to prioritize gender equality. 

The HER Project

CEO Huong Wolf with Quilling Team in Vietnam

To continue our commitment to our female artisans overall well being in Vietnam, we recently joined the HER project. With 90% of our quillers being female we were ecstatic to join the HER Project, a collaborative initiative striving to empower low-income women working in global supply chains. The HER project has assisted in sharing beneficial health knowledge such as family planning, general health and nutrition, maternal health and more with our quillers. We believe it is important for women to feel empowered in their careers and the HER project has been a great ally in doing so.

Choose to Challenge

Warehouse manager Gigi picks order.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #ChoosetoChallenge. Women throughout history have fought hard for the rights we have today, however, now in the year 2021, gender inequality still largely exists around the world. We all can choose to challenge and call out gender inequity and celebrate women's achievements. No great change comes without challenge, so let's all choose to challenge.