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Posted by Richard Sanger

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love we have for our significant other. Valentine’s Day cards, for many of us, help to communicate that love. With a card, you can share your own personal words of adoration and tell your significant other what they really mean to you. It’s a keepsake your loved one can save as a reminder of your sweet words. 

This year, to help you pick out a card, we asked some of our staff here at Quilling Card to share how they select Valentine’s Day cards. With their help, here are 6 ways to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day Card. 

Share a Memory in a Valentine's Day Card

Woman holding the Quilled Bleeding Heart Greeting Card


Did you have a special memory from the last year with your love? Christina, a junior designer, believes that reminiscing about your recent experiences serves as a great place to start looking for inspiration for a card. 

Christina shared, “I don't usually go for a stereotypical Valentine's Day design when picking out a card for my partner. Instead, I will pick out a blank card with a design that will invoke a memory from our previous year together and write my own sentiment on the insert.” She added,” This way of choosing a Valentine's card helps me preserve a meaningful memory or moment to look back on for years to come.” 


Valentine's Day Card Messages

Woman holding the Quilled Love is Love Greeting Card


You can choose a card based on the message the card communicates to your love. Our warehouse manager, Gigi, explained, “I would pick out a Valentine’s card that had a beautiful message such as our new card, “Love is Love.” Deciding factors would be the color of the design and how it comes across to the significant other.” 


Humorous Valentine's Day Cards

Woman holding a Quilled Succulent Plant Greeting Card


Do you and your love enjoy laughing together? Veronica, a graphic designer, likes to find a card that tickles her love’s funny bone. 

Veronica smiled and shared, “Personally, I tend to pick a card that nods to an inside joke as much of our relationship dynamic is filled with humor. I start the sentiment inside with something to get a laugh but also add a touch of a sentimental message. She continued, “Last year I chose the succulent card as Paul had given me a succulent for my office desk which we named Diego, unfortunately Diego did not survive so I jokingly gave the succulent card for Valentine’s day saying that Diego will live on although he wilted and our love will continue to blossom for much longer than he did.”


Hobbies and Interests

Woman holding a Quilled Electric Guitar Greeting Card


Does your love have special hobbies or interests they have a passion for? Our retail sales manager, Anya laughed, “It's usually last minute!” She added, “I look for humor, not too cheesy or overly sappy. I look for designs, colors or themes that my significant other would like; maybe an inside joke, a hobby or interest they have.” 

Valentine's Day Cards That Speak from the Heart

Consider choosing a design that shares your feelings openly and honestly with the one you love. Quilling Card CEO Huong shared, “Since our cards have no sentiment, I carefully select the design that speaks for my heart.  I write my own sentiment or sometimes if I am in the mood, I can compose a poem or an inside joke.” 

Woman holding a NIQUEA.D Quilled Love Song Valentine's Day Card and a man holding the Quilled Gemstone Heart Card

Ask for Help 

Lastly, if all else fails, it’s okay to ask for a little help in picking out, or even creating, a special card for your love. Quilling Card president, Rafe, did just that!

“Two years ago I collaborated with Quilling Card designer Ren to create a special Valentine’s Day card for Huong,” Rafe revealed.  “As it turns out Huong loved it so much she insisted on putting the card, the Gemstone Heart, in the line.” 


Whether it's a memory, the message, humor, interests, the design, or even asking for help, there are many ways to choose the perfect card for your Valentine! We hope these suggestions help make picking a Valentine’s Day card a little easier for you this year. Let us know what you think about when you select a card. We’d love to hear from you!