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Posted by Richard Sanger

We all know the usual days people give greeting cards - birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, and more. Are there other times you can send someone a greeting card? There sure are!

You can make someone’s day a little brighter by sharing a beautiful card with a touching sentiment when they least expect it. With that in mind, here are 10 not-so-common reasons for you to send a greeting card. 

I Love You and I Miss You Cards

With the pandemic and social distancing continuing across the country, you may not have seen your family or friends in a while. Sending a handmade greeting card is a great way to share how much you miss your family and friends with something tactile you both can touch. 

Give A Compliments Card 

A hand offering the  Quilled Camera Greeting Card to a smiling woman.


Share how much you loved someone’s singing voice, writings, outfit, garden, decorations, recipe and more! By sharing your compliment in a card, the recipient can keep it forever as a reminder of your kind words. 

To Tell a Joke

Have you heard any funny jokes lately? Light up someone’s day by sharing a silly joke in a greeting card. 

Send an I'm Sorry Card To Apologize

Maybe you said or did something and you would like to apologize. Maybe you forgot to invite someone to a party or saw someone while shopping and didn’t say hello. Write a sincere, heartfelt apology in a greeting card. 

Wish Someone Well with a Good Luck Card

A teddy bear holding the Quilled Four Leaf Clover Card.


There are many instances in which you can wish somebody good luck. Whether someone is moving, having an operation, hoping to get a promotion, or experiencing any kind of change in life circumstances. Sharing your well wishes in a greeting card will help them feel your love and support, and might even give them that extra boost of confidence they needed! 

Share a Meal Idea with Recipe Greeting Cards 

A Quilled Herb Garden Greeting Card with a recipe.


Do you have a recipe that a guest absolutely loved? Don’t keep it a secret. Share it with your guest in a greeting card!

Share Gratitude with a Thank You Greeting Card

We all have special people in our lives. Find a greeting card with a design they would love and let them know how special they are to you.  

To Share a Greeting Card Design

A  Quilled Road Trip Greeting Card with a coffee cup and a camera

You ever see a stunning design on a card and think to yourself, “My friend would absolutely LOVE this design!” You know what? There’s no rule saying you have to wait for a special occasion to share it. You can even go one step further and frame the card and gift it as a wonderful keepsake. 

Share A Memory with a Card 

A hand holding the Quilled Ski Lift Greeting Card while sitting in front of an open fire.

Sometimes, our memories bubble up with something from our past we haven’t thought about in years. Share your memory with the other people present in a card. Maybe they have something to add or remember things a little differently than you. They might not remember it at all and are happy that you shared something they completely forgot! 

To Reconnect 

A woman sitting on a chair looking at a  Quilled Happy Mailbox Greeting Card.


Have you ever lost touch with someone you were quite close with? Maybe you graduated from school, got married, moved to a new city, or changed jobs. A greeting card is a great way to reach out and reconnect with a lost friend.  

As you can see, you can send cards for almost any occasion and even “just because” you want to! These are just a few ideas. Let us know what not-so-common occasions you like to send greeting cards for. We’d love to hear from you!