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Posted by Eugene Aronsky

The standard gift-giving holidays come and go every year, and to a certain extent, this makes them commonplace... Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. When a gift is expected, it becomes slightly less special. There’s something about the spontaneous, unexpected gift-giving and receiving that creates the opportunity for a truly special moment. Should the third Tuesday in October be any less important of a day to say, “Mom, I love you”, or “Thank you for being a great friend”? Certainly not!Card for any occasion



Handmade Gifts

For many of us, handmade is the gold standard when it comes to gift-giving. Anyone can buy a scarf online but only your crafty friend knows how to knit a scarf and will take the time to do it. As a gift recipient, there is no feeling like getting a handmade gift, even if Metallic Mint isn’t your favorite shade of green it is still something that you will always cherish.



The Perfect Gift

There is no secret formula for gift-giving. Sometimes it’s as easy as an invitation to dinner, making your spouse breakfast in bed, or bringing flowers to a friend or loved one as a thoughtful gesture and a simple pick me up. The perfect gift does not have to be grand or expensive, but it should be a sign of your relationship with the gift recipient and it should demonstrate how well you know them. Sometimes the perfect gift is as simple as sending your friend or loved one a greeting card, and including a personalized message inside (bad handwriting and all)



Send A Greeting Card

We all appreciate being thought of and a simple text message or email from an old friend or loved one saying, “Hey, how are you doing, I was just thinking about you” is great, however,  there is no better feeling than receiving a greeting card for no occasion at all. It is even more meaningful when the card you receive is unique and relates to the personality of the recipient (a card with a bird on it for the bird lover or a card with a cup of coffee on it for the coffee lover). And the greeting card you send is that much more meaningful if it is designed to be displayed as a work of art. Quilling card makes beautiful handcrafted quilled greeting cards that make the perfect gift for any occasion. Each card is lovingly handcrafted by a skilled artisan in our Fair-Trade workshop in Vietnam. These cards are designed to have a life beyond that of a typical greeting card, they are designed to be framed as a work of art. The next time you want to give a friend a gift, give them a quilled card; and don’t wait for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day. Your loved ones deserve to know how much they are appreciated more than once a year so treat every day like a special occasion. If you want to make it more cherishable, put the card into a shadow box frame and give them a piece of handcrafted art they can display year-round to remind them every day how much they are appreciated.