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Posted by Eugene Aronsky

Pink and Red RosesRoses are red, violets are blue… but did you know that different flowers, as well as their colors, have symbolic meanings too? No matter what emotion you are trying to convey or event you are looking to celebrate there is a flower variety or color ideal for the occasion. Whether you are looking for the perfect flower to give to a new romantic partner, flowers for a wedding, flowers to celebrate an event, get well flowers or even flowers to help a friend mourn a loss, there is a flower that is a good fit. In many cases the same flower/flower color will be suitable for multiple occasions, 

Meanings of Roses

Roses are a universal favorite, this means that you are likely to find a rose that is a fit for any occasion; they have been used to convey symbolic messages for thousands of years, since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Depending on the color roses can be used to express everything from, ‘I love you’ to ‘congratulations on your wedding’ to ‘thank you for your friendship’ to ‘I’m sorry for your loss’

White Roses, often called Wedding Roses, are the flower of choice for many weddings; they represent, innocence, purity, youthfulness and everlasting love.

Ivory roses are a great way to show someone that you care without romantic intentions. These roses represent charm, thoughtfulness, and gracefulness. An ideal wedding bouquet might include a combination of white and ivory roses.

Red roses are perhaps the most common; a red rose represents love and passion. This is the perfect rose to give to a romantic partner as a Valentine’s Day gift. If you want to tell someone you love them a red rose is a perfect way to do so.

Pink roses are a good way to say thank you; they represent femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. This is a good rose color to tell mom ‘I love you’ on Mother’s Day.

There are many other traditional and novelty rose colors, each of which is imbued with meaning and history. Another important thing to consider when giving a rose bouquet, or a bouquet of any flowers, is to include a gift enclosure card. A gift enclosure card can add elegance to a bouquet and provides a lasting keepsake long after the flowers have wilted. 

Meanings of other Flowers

 There are flower varieties and colors that are suitable for every occasion and although giving flowers is always a good gift, there are some colors and types of flowers you should consider to share a specific message. For example, yellow flowers such as sunflowers tend to symbolize friendship and may send the wrong message to a romantic partner; while red tulips or red roses are ideal to give to a romantic partner but may not be the best choice as a get-well gift. Below are a few flower varieties as well as their symbolic meanings and occasions for which they are best suited.

Carnations: Carnations are beautiful flowers, they come in many colors, each of which has a different meaning. A pink carnation symbolizes the love of a woman/mother and is an ideal flower to give to your mom on mother’s day or for her birthday. Red carnations symbolize love and pride and are more suitable for a romantic partner.

Calla Lilies: Calla Lilies symbolize beauty; white Calla Lilies also symbolize innocence and purity and are often the flower of choice in a wedding bouquet. Additionally, white lilies can symbolize sympathy and are often used in funeral bouquets.

Anthuriums: Anthuriums symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance; this is a good flower to give as a housewarming gift and may also work as a get-well gift.

There are countless flower varieties and colors each with a different meaning. In most cases, yellow flowers symbolize friendship, white flowers symbolize purity and innocence, and red flowers symbolize romantic love. If you need help finding the perfect flower in the perfect color for a special occasion you may want to consult with a local florist.