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Posted by Richard Sanger

Giving mom a quilled card


Quilling Card fans are so kind, supportive, and helpful to us in many ways. They send us beautiful cards and gifts for the holidays. Many of our designs come from our fans’ suggestions. Every day we check our mailbox, we find letters with pictures of their unique and beautiful Quilling Card displays. They are truly a part of our Quilling Card family.  

We wanted to learn what makes our lovely fans so dedicated. We decided to ask five of our biggest fans to share with you what attracts them to Quilling Cards and why they think you might like them, too! We’d like to introduce you to Dottie, Mary, Trudy, Ann, and Susan. We hope you will enjoy their responses as much as we did. Enjoy!

What attracts you to Quilling Cards?

DOTTIE: I don't just like Quilling Cards, I love them. They are a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. If you don't believe me, try making one! My friends that receive them call to thank me. One friend has a young grand-daughter and the first thing she asks when she comes to visit her is, "Did you get any new cards from your friend?" My older friend has an album of Quilling Cards and she told her grand-daughter, "When I pass on you can have my album and not until then." 

MARY: Quilling Cards are, first off, gorgeous and very unique. Here in the USA we have never seen anything like them. So unusual and one immediately wants to know how they are done. They almost seem impossible to make and I admire the amount of work in them and the people with hands that can produce such detail in such a small space. 

I love the cards with lots of quilling work on them. I find them mesmerizing. How the paper turns into the folds in the cloth of a garment or and petals of a flower.  It seems miraculous. The design of the cards too is terrific. I often find them intriguing.

I love it too that they are Fair Trade and from Vietnam. I feel like, however small, it is giving something back for all the destruction caused over there. 

TRUDY: I love Quilling Cards because they are works of art. I am a collector and have a lot of the cards. I put the cards out for all the occasions. I give the cards to special friends and family.  Everyone comments on them and some are put in frames. 

ANN: These cards are unique, like no other. I enjoy sending them because I know that those receiving a Quilling Card feel special. I send to several homebound members of our church and to those going through a difficult time. I love sending them for birthdays and for no reason at all. How fun to get such a carefully crafted card!  Plus, those who have the gift of making these cards do so in a healthy environment. 

SUSAN: I like Quilling Cards because they are unique little works of art that bring joy. I keep all of them that I receive and have framed several of them. They remind me of loved ones or treasured friends and special events.

Framed Quilling Card

Why do you think other people might be attracted to Quilling Cards, too?

DOTTIE: A Quilling Card is not really an ordinary card, it is a gift. I frame your cards for gifts, and you have the perfect frames available on your website. These days I have limited shopping opportunities and maybe you do too? This has been my solution for any occasion. Also, I am an artist and appreciate fine art and I consider Quilling Cards fine art. I can also tell if there are imitation Quilling Cards so I buy online. It is strange to say, "Some days when things are tough I go on your website for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment.” If those craft persons take an hour or more to make a card, I can truly appreciate their dedication to this art. I also get a beautiful Thank You card and hand-signed which tells you how much they appreciate your business. 

MARY: I hope they would like them for the same reasons as I do. The cards are a little expensive and I understand why. I accept that but for others you could say that the cards are extra special cards for the extra special people in one's life!!!!  The cards are also a light or uplift at this time of pandemic when we all need extra special moments in the day. 

TRUDY: If you want to give a work of art, handmade, send a Quilling Card. 

ANN: Those receiving the cards always call to thank me and are so appreciative. Several have framed them. If you send a Quilling Card, you know you are sharing your love and compassion and truly making a day special for someone. 

SUSAN: I think others would like Quilling Cards because they are works of art that bring joy. They serve as reminders of beauty in the world. They capture every emotion from love to comfort to joy to whimsy. They remind us of loved ones and treasured friends and special events. They can be framed to decorate one’s home or to remind one of a loved one or special event.

As you can see, we have the best fans around! A very big thank you to Dottie, Mary, Trudy, Ann, and Susan for taking the time to write their wonderful responses and be a part of this article.