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Posted by Eugene Aronsky

Having a loved one pass away is never easy, during this time it is important that we are not alone, even if a friend is unable to be with us in person, a simple gesture like a phone call or a handwritten sympathy card can go a long way. During these times the words are less important than the thought behind them. 

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In difficult times it is important to be there for a friend who is experiencing the loss of a loved one. This is challenging but your presence is important. It is customary to try and ease as many burdens from the family who is grieving as possible. This can include making a homemade dish and bringing it to their home, sending flowers, or mailing a handwritten card. In many traditions, it is also customary to grieve with the family, 

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We are living in an extraordinary time, many people are experiencing loss and the emotional burden from losing a loved one is heightened, but are unable to lean on their support network due to stay at home orders. Funerals and religious traditions have been put on hold and we are left to mourn in solitude, or by watching a loved one's funeral on Zoom. 

A  beautifully handcrafted card can provide a moment of joy to someone who needs it most. The card can be kept and framed as a symbol of their memory and their constant presence. 

For help finding the right words to write in a sympathy card see our Sympathy Sentiment page for guidance