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Posted by Veronica Beretta

Our handcrafted cards are unique and full of life. The designs can stand on their own as works of art or can be customized with a personal message on the blank insert.The possibilities are endless when you purchase a blank card and it is always exciting to use your own creativity to write the perfect message. I personally love incorporating the subject of the design into the message with puns and play on words. I’ve put together some of my personal favorite punny messages to accompany a few of our quilled blank card designs. A card does not always have to be humorous and sometimes a genuine heartfelt message is more appropriate but other times a chuckle or giggle can warm the heart too. 


See you later alligator!


A popular expression many families used growing up that can elicit a nostalgic feeling while saying you are looking forward to seeing your loved one in the future!


You give me butterflies


 A simple sentiment to accompany an artful design for your loved one just to remind them how you feel.


Why don’t we wine about it!?


 Perfect to send a friend you want to invite over for a wine night!



Guess WHO?!


 It’s always nice to send a card just because and this pun in combination with an owl is sure to bring a smile to their face!



Hang in there


Show some encouragement and support for someone going through a hard time and make them smile.


You make my heart soar

 Remind your loved one how you feel and how lucky you are to have them.


I’m nuts about you!

An adorable note for your loved one just because you’re crazy about them.


You’re a great catch

 A cheesy and sweet way to show your love to the man in your life without pink and hearts.

You’re the G.O.A.T

 It’s always a good idea to remind your friends that they are the Greatest Of All Time.


Just keep swimming 

Motivate your friends to keep going! They’ve got this!


Just because I love you Honey 

 Write a message just as sweet as they are!


Toot your own horn!

 Make sure you recognize their accomplishments and remind them they should be proud of themselves!