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Posted by Veronica Beretta

Some designs are clearly fan favorites, whether that be our Sunflower or the Swallowtail Butterfly, there are certain designs that become popular among our customers. However, this time we wanted to share with you the Quilling Card team’s favorite quilled cards. From creating the design ourselves or from a memory of sharing the card with someone we love, we each took the time to highlight one design and why it has become our favorite. 

Rafe: “The Quilled River Canoes Greeting Card has been a favorite of mine since its ideation. The colors are perfect and show a scene that I would love to step right into. I haven't sent this card yet but I certainly plan to!”

Huong: “I especially love the Quilled Hamsa Hand. I recently gave this design to a friend as an encouragement card. We currently live in very strange times with a pandemic, political division and social unrest; this card is a symbol of hope, peace and faith, which I believe we all need right now.”

Sara: “The Quilled Fireflies card is one of my favorites because it has received so much positive feedback from people sharing the different emotions and memories this card has sparked in them—many of which relate to the magic of childhood summer nights—and that is exactly the intent I had hoped for when creating this design. Being able to evoke these nostalgic feelings through the combined art of quilling with illustration is a truly rewarding experience and I am glad this design has resonated the same way in so many other people as it has with me.”

Alex: “The Quilled Sloth greeting card is a favorite of mine because of how well it can capture a variety of different emotions, can be used for a wide variety of occasions, and can be shared for life’s everyday moments. I sent this card to a friend going through a challenging time telling them to “hang in there"! It's certainly lighthearted but lets the recipient know that you still care and are thinking of them.”

Veronica: “My personal  favorite design is the Quilled Flower Vase. This was one of the first designs I ever did for Quilling Card that went into production. I was ecstatic when I first saw the quilled interpretation of my artwork! It has been so rewarding to see customers get equally excited about a card that I helped to create.”

Ren: “I’ve always had a love for wildlife and bird watching in particular which is why the Quilled Calliope Hummingbird is my favorite design in the line. I love this bird greeting card in particular because it is so rare to see a hummingbird relaxing on a branch and it’s a refreshing change from the images of hummingbirds hovering over a flower.”

My: “My best friend is a pianist and whenever I see the Quilled Grand Piano card I think of her which is why this is one of my favorite designs. I sent this card to her and she has it displayed next to her piano. She says she thinks of me everytime she sits down to play.”

Gigi: “The Quilled Purple Orchids are my favorite card because they are my mother’s and my favorite flowers. I think the quilled orchids are just as beautiful as the real ones.”

Joan: “I love all of the bird cards but the Quilled Cardinal is certainly my favorite. A dear old friend of mine that is no longer with us once told me that when a cardinal visits it’s really the spirit of a loved one you lost checking in on you. I gave this card to the daughters of that old friend and it brought tears of joy to their eyes.”

It was difficult for us to narrow it down to just one favorite and every time we introduce new designs these typically change. We’d love for you to share your stories of which cards are your favorites and send us images!