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Posted by Veronica Beretta

Greeting cards and handwritten sentiments have always been a genuine form of communication which resonates more than a text or email. In particular, grandparents have a deep appreciation for the culture of sending and receiving greeting cards more than any other generation. The seniors in our lives never seem to forget to send a card for a birthday, wedding, graduation and any other event big or small. Our grandparents and parents have been sending us cards for years and it is our turn to return the favor!

Quilling cards in particular are appreciated by elders because they create a feeling of nostalgia as many remember quilling in grade school. Many grandparents and seniors are filled with joy when they see the quilling and are excited to share their memories of quilling in their younger years.

We at Quilling Card have begun a new movement, #grandparentsandgreetingcards. We want to motivate everyone in the community to keep in touch with the elders in their lives and encourage the sending of greeting cards to grandparents and other seniors, especially to those in nursing homes or assisted living residences. 

We have donated nearly 200 handcrafted quilling cards to residents of local senior centers in the community. We have all experienced isolation during the pandemic, but it is the elderly population living in facilities who have been most affected and we wanted to do our part to lift their spirits. Framingham community members helped us to write the handwritten notes to the seniors of Benchmark’s Branches, Salmon Health’s Whitney Place, Casa De Ramana and Carmel Terrace. Each resident received a quilled card with a handwritten note from one of our team members and a second quilled card for them to pass it forward and send to a friend or loved one. We were so humbled by the gratitude of the staff and seniors who were all a part of this movement!

Join the movement and send a quilling card to a senior in your life or reach out to your local senior center and find a new pen pal! Grandparents day is September 13th and is the perfect opportunity to send a handwritten note to your grandparent! This simple act of kindness can go a long way especially in these uncertain and stressful times. Be sure to share your photos receiving cards, displaying cards, mailing cards, and more with the #grandparentsandgreetingcards and tag us!